Product Detail

Khadi Pelling Scrub Gel Kesar

Indication : A powerful blend of natural scrub which helps to clean the skin dead epithelial cells, it nourish the skin making it clean smooth and soft.

Method of use : Apply the gel on wet face and rub for 5- min and clean it with luke warm water for best result.

Ingredients : ( In each kilogram contains ) Rubia Cordifolia 2gms, Rosa Alba 10gms, Crocus Sativus 0.02gms, Juglans Regia 1gms, Sodii Biboras 6gms, Glycerin 10ml, Carbopol 10gms, Preservative 3ms, Citrus Lemon 01gms, Aloevera Tourn 1ml, Purified Water to make one kg.