Product Detail

Manav Herbal Gold Massage Cream

Indication : Gold is a mealiable soft metal, which penetrate in the skin when massaged. Gold massage cream is a product of 24 carat gold with herbal extract. It contains natural anti ageing and fairness quality. It also tone up and glow the skin. It removes dead cells and dust practical from epidermal layer of skin. It can also e used as home facial cream.

Method of use : Take small quantity on finger tips. Massage in light circular motion from 2-3 min, it remove dust out of dead cells. After this take few drops of water and massage regularly until it penetrate.

Ingredients : ( In each grams contains ) Aloe Indica 20mg, Santalum Album 20mg, Rose Alba 100mg, Gold Scrub 0.5mg, Vaseline 50mg, Minral Oil 50ml, Emulsifying wax 30mg, bees wax 100mg, Preservative 05mg, Purified Water Q.S.