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Ayurvedic products are one of the primary things that you need to change to nowadays. As hair becomes messy and dirty due to the dust in the air in our day-to-day life, there is a need for ayurvedic hair products for natural hair. Manav Khadi has a range of hair care products that are natural and herbal.

There is now a need to go with natural hair oils which offer you the necessary measure of supplements that satisfies the prerequisite of hair. Manav Khadi offers you an assortment of hair oil for diminishing hair fall, anti-greying and various other uses.

We offer you the best quality hair oil that is herbal and made from products sourced from trusted suppliers. This is what makes our brand unique and trustworthy.

Our range of hair care includes a lot of different products like hair oils, hair cleansers and hair conditioners. All of these products are made only from natural ingredients with the use of minimum chemicals.

The different hair oils produced at Manav Khadi each have different roles and benefits. Amla and Bhringraj are known to help reduce grey hair and promote healthy hair growth.

The neem and onion hair oil are again great for stimulating the scalp and induce hair growth even when the follicles were dead.

All these hair oils prove to be extremely soothing for the scalp while massaging and helps in increasing concentration levels as well.

The next step after oiling is cleansing the hair and for this, Manav Khadi has its range of shampoos and hair cleansers for an oily and also dry and itchy scalp.

The best shampoo and one of our best-sellers are the aloe vera hair cleanser that helps soothe an irritated scalp and also controls sebum production on an oily scalp.

Our tea tree hair cleanser is great for the oily scalp as tea tree helps absorb excessive oils. For dry scalp, the honey vanilla hair cleanser is the best option as it moisturises the scalp to the core.

The hair conditioner we have is also a great product to soften frizzy and dry ends. Apart from the hair care range, the khadi neem tulsi soap is something worth trying out because of its healing properties.

For purchasing home grown hair oil and other products, you can visit the Manav Khadi website and explore your options to choose products that suit your skin type the best.

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